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Driving Exponential Marketing Success & Company Growth

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NextGen Customer Success Marketing !!!

  • Have you heard your Customer Say “I get 10x, 20x, 30x ROI using your products ? How to amaze customers, partners , users and shareholders ? How to crush revenue numbers Quarter over Quarter or Year Over Year ? How to expand our product reach beyond geographies across all product lines ? All these are accomplished through NextGen Adoption, Retention & Expansion product strategies and Yes you will then hear them say those magical words ….

  • Some key Stats “Acquiring a New Customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one”. That states why it’s even more important to focus on activation, adoption, retention & expansion driving Life Time Value of Customer even higher !!!!

  • The SUCCESS MANTRA is to have an exemplary Post Purchase Cycle with extreme focus on Customers to make them successful leveraging our products & getting exceptional ROI. Same or even more rigor that we show while acquiring New Logo with innovating Marketing strategies embedded..


  • Leveraging a Unified Product Repository with

  • problems,

  • solutions,

  • customers,

  • needs,

  • wants,

  • customer success stories,

  • detailed use cases,

  • current product life cycle stage mapped to various technology adoption life cycle customers ,

  • actual investments done with benefits/ROI realized ,

  • customer product progression journey starting with different products etc


  • LAND – Acquiring New Logos

  • ADOPT – Increasing product activation, adoption &usage with seamless implementation & onboarding

  • EXPAND – Proliferating product subscription and/or install base through win-win X-sell & up-Sell strategies

  • RETAIN – Allowing customers to keep getting exceptional value on their investment in us

  • LAND

  • We have talked a lot about targeted GTM strategies followed with ingrained RESEARCH, POSITION, MESSAGE, PROMOTE, SUPPORT to LAND those rich products in the hands of customer

  • All the Marketing, Product Engineering, Sales, Service, IT & Finance Team work cohesively helping prospect at every stage of Customer journey to attract, nurture & convert.

  • We need to make sure all the Value Proposition with TCO, ROI , Business Outcomes, Solutions for addressing the problems, needs, wants that was promised is very well documented , shared with Customer including timeframe of outcomes to be realized incrementally TO GAIN EXTREMELY HIGH TRUST & CONFIDENCE ON US.

  • To summarize, this is the backbone with strategic approach to make NextGen Customer Success Marketing an extremely rewarding one - making post purchase customer journey stage – THE MAGICAL GROWTH MACHINE … More tactical details on other posts from channel to revenue for acquiring New Logo.


  • This is the initial stage of the NextGen CS Marketing.

  • Very detailed Implementation methodology with key milestones needs to be followed for success. BUT more important is to guide & work with Customers for Value Realization

  • Seamless Onboarding experience

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Usage statistics along with user adoption & business outcomes accomplished

  • Key Metrics around WHAT FEATURES have NOT been explored / Leveraged to get the most business benefit of leveraging our product

  • Milestone & Strategies to LEVERAGE those Unused Features

  • Monthly ValueRealization Checkpoint showcasing Promised ROI Vs Actual Realized : This is THE MOST IMPORTANT item that will make your customers your BRAND ADVOCATES and increase your NPS SCORE significantly

  • GOAL of this phase is to have :

  • 100% adoption

  • More than 100% Business Outcome Realization

  • More than 1x , 2x ROI Accomplished

  • Proactive Issue Identification, Resolution with Five 9s and 0 downtime

  • Workflow /Process Driven Customer Success Stories shared with potential ROI as well


  • Innovative Processes embedded with visionary growth mindset needs to be shared with Customers

  • Product Usage with metrics, insights & measurable progression path

  • X-Product Usage with real world Customer References embedded who have taken same growth journey

  • Product User Base - up scaling X-Department with Real Customer story Narration

  • Customer Specific Use cases with Current landscape benefits as well as Incremental To-Be State Landscape accomplishing medium & long term vision.

  • GOAL of this phase is to have :

  • Extreme Satisfaction for current landscape

  • Very clear Understanding of the To-be State with business benefits & Progression path

  • Very clear To-Be Metrics / Value Realization for Up-Scaling the Current Landscape

  • Extremely Clear To-Be Metrics /Value realization for X-selling the Current Landscape

  • 1-to-1 , 1-to-Many, Many-to-Many Customer References through Executive Briefing Center / Customer Briefing Center

  • In nutshell, The art of Expansion with Customer Success Mindset helps to increase the Life Time Value of Customer Many Many folds & you will be surprised to hear numbers like 100 times growth…


  • The Renewal Process is a breeze when we are by the side of our customers at every step after the contract is signed to not only have an awesome onboarding experience & seamless implementation but also making sure they are getting significant ROI on their investment in us.

  • Customers are not looking fora lot but rather someone on their side to guide, assist ,navigate & help in their growth journey.

  • Organizations who care about Customers sales growth, their NPS score, their problems , their needs, their vision WILL DEFINITELY increase their renewal rate to an almost perfect score !!!

  • GOAL of this phase is to have :

  • Customers getting significant ROI from their investment

  • Customers increasing their Sales growth using our products

  • Customers increasing their NPS score using our products

  • Customers knocking at our door to encourage us to innovate more through AI / ML / Chatbots / Experience / Digitization / Automation etc etc

  • In nutshell, Companies who show the same rigor , dedication, innovation , customer first mindset in both pre & post purchase buyer’s journey will see their revenue, pipeline, NPS score, stock price gain exponentially !!!!

  • Let’s be a customer champion to make a difference in this community…

  • More in next post !!!


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