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Driving Exponential Marketing Success & Company Growth

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Marketing Technology Stack !!!

  • Marketing has completely transformed in this DIGITAL AGE and Technology plays a crucial role in unimaginable company growth

  • The Success MANTRA is to build a Magical platform that can READ THE CUSTOMER’S MIND & present highly authentic & contextual information in most enticing way from a unified & integrated set of platforms.

  • The technology comprises of 5 core key areas starting from :

  • MPM ( Marketing Performance Management ) PLATFORM





  • Integrated E2E Marketing Technology Stack

  • NextGen Planning - Connected Planning Platform

  • NextGen MPM - Marketing Performance Management

  • NextGen MA - Marketing Automation

  • NextGen Events - Pre-During-Post

  • NextGen CMS - Content Management Systems

  • NextGen Email - Personalized & Contextual Drip Email Campaigns

  • NextGen Search - Enterprise as well SEM/SEO

  • NextGen Social - Person-To-Person , Company-To-Person

  • NextGen DisplayAds - DSP & SSP

  • Nextgen Media Plan - Organic & Paid from all channels

  • NextGen CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  • NextGen MDM - Customer & Contact Master

  • NextGen Business Insights - Analytics Platform

  • NextGen Prediction - Ingrained AI/ML Models

  • NextGen Influencers - Local, Regional, State, Country, International, Social Community, Technology Builders

  • NextGen Pipeline - Marketing , Sales & Service Funnels

  • NextGen Innovation - Customer Wants, Needs, Problem, Future Centered

  • NextGen Implementation - Value Realization Framework

  • NextGen Support - Automated Human Centric 24*7 BOTS

  • NextGen Customer Focus - 360 Feedback Loop - LEARN, BUILD, MEASURE

  • +++

  • ADVERTISING PLATFORMS provides ability to attract and convert unknown users to brand advocates. The Key areas include :

  • SEARCH ENGINES where customers types their intent,

  • DISPLAY ADS USING DSP ( Demand Side Platform ) to attract users while navigating throughout the vast ocean of internet,

  • SOCIAL wherein impactful conversations happen between decision makers,

  • MARKETING AUTOMATION & EMAIL helps in targeting, segmentation, automation & nurture,

  • AUTHENTIC CONTENT which generates trust &

  • RE-TARGETING platforms bring backs prospects & helps in conversion

  • USER EXPERIENCE PLATFORMS moves the prospects which the Advertising Platform directs to guide & assist them in their buying journey. The core areas include:

  • The WEB & MOBILE PLATFORMS like .com site, developer site, community site, IR, docs site USING RESPONSIVE TECHNOLOGY ,

  • THE MOBILE APPS on IoS/ Android ,

  • The E-COMMERCE PLATFORM where users can buy product ,

  • VOC Platforms where we listen and assist customers , partners in all the ways possible,

  • PERSONALIZATION PLATFORMS to provide highly contextual information without repetitive content,

  • A/B TESTING OR MULTIVARIATE TESTING Platforms which helps in identifying the successful

  • TAG MANAGEMENT PLATFORM which helps in quick & easy implementation & operations,

  • THE WEB ANALYTICS Platform which provides insights on user activities, navigation path, heat maps etc

  • DATA PLATFORMS keeps track of all the content & data that is shared across various experience or advertising platforms. The core areas include:

  • CMS ( Content Management Platforms ) that helps marketers in content authoring, publishing, translating content & assets using TEMPLATES/COMPONENTS/WORKFLOWS SEAMLESSLY ,

  • DAM which stores the various DIGITAL CONTENT in different formats & renditions,

  • CRM which keeps track of all prospects , leads, MQL, SQL, SALs, Opportunity, Quotes , Customers, Install base etc,

  • MDM ( Master Data Management ) which have Unified contact master, Unified Account Master , Competitive Install Base Information,

  • ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) containing finance, budget, Invoice, Receipts, accruals etc ,

  • EDW ( Enterprise Data Warehouse ) to have data aggregated from all content SSTs,

  • DMP ( Data Management Platforms ) TO collect, organize first, 2nd & 3rd party audience data from any source,)

  • Back office Systems like Shipping, Receiving , Supply Chain , Inventory Management etc.

  • MDW ( Marketing Data Warehouse to have entire Marketing Dataset for seamless consumption

  • ETL ( Extract Transform & Load ) which help in injecting optimal data for targeting & segmentation to various Advertising & Experience platforms for acquiring Look alike audiences

  • ANALYSIS & ACTIVATION PLATFORMS provides the insights around each & every marketing programs, tie channel , programs , assets to revenue & csat. The key areas are :

  • REPORTING & DATA VISUALIZATION MoM, QoQ, YoY providing E2E ROI for various programs & channels

  • X-CHANNEL ATTRIBUTION to provide credit to every touchpoint in the customer journey to see the real contributions of each touchpoint,

  • PREDICTION to create different ML MODELS to assist in prediction to be leveraged in various transactional systems mentioned.

  • These are high level but will give an idea about the way these platforms when leveraged appropriately have the potential to not only accomplish the vision & goal of company/product but also help in breaking all the records wrt GROWTH & COMPANY SUCCESS !!!

  • Will cover details of each platform in later upcoming posts.

  • More in next post !!!


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