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Driving Exponential Marketing Success & Company Growth

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Marketing – A Revenue Driver

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

  • For every company & product success, Marketing plays an extremely significant role and Crucial for Company & Product Success

  • Marketing has significantly transformed and is now in the hot seat of C-Suite to be recognized as the Revenue Driver of any organization.

  • Marketing plays a crucial role in acquiring every deal that is closed.

  • It has become highly Data, Metrics & Insights driven guiding, predicting & assisting various personas in each stage of the product life cycle, customer & sales journey

  • To accomplish Company’s Vision, Marketing works in lock step with Engineering, Sales, Service, IT and other orgs for GTM initiatives in different stages of Product Life Cycle

  • To flawlessly execute the vision, various Marketing groups - Product Marketing, Brand Marketing, International Marketing, Events Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Operations, Field Marketing, Customer Success Marketing, Digital Marketing, Predictive ML Marketing work as tightly knit team.

  • To gain unfathomable success, Marketing Technology Platforms has expanded its wings to encompass all the key Marketing & Advertising Platforms, Web & Mobile Platforms, Back office CRM, MDM, EDW, DMP, Finance, FP&A as well as the Analytics & Insights Platform


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