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NextGen Lead Generation !!!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

  • Even the best of Products is of little value if there are no CUSTOMERS. This is accomplished through LEAD GENERATION MACHINE !!!

  • The LEAD GENERATION SUCCESS MANTRA is TO GROW TOGETHER - Focusing on How Customers can get HIGH ROI and grow THEIR customer base even if SOMETIMES WE LOOSE …. This is how we GAIN TRUST

  • The OBJECTIVE is to generate BRAND/PRODUCT AWARENESS, ACQUIRE PROSPECTS, NURTURE PROSPECTS , CONVERT PROSPECTS at various funnel stages – top, middle & bottom through innovative & trustworthy content.

  • The strategy is to make sure the focus is 100% on EDUCATIONAL & THOUGHT LEADERSHIP content in the TOFU & MOFU Stage ( Top/Middle of Funnel ) and PROMOTIONAL content only during BOFU ( Bottom of the funnel)


  • Named Person à Lead à MQL à SQL à Meeting à Opportunity à Demo à Negotiations à Customer Reference à Quotes à Contract à Customer

  • Specific documented plan with Goal, Objective, Program ,Channel, Expected & Actual values for Demand funnel MoM, QoQ, YoY.

  • Successful Lead Gen Machine unravels INTENT TO BUY SENTIMENT through innovative ways along with Demographics & Engagement attributes

  • Sample Intent to Buy : External online activity, Interaction with Competitor , Social Media Engagement, Feature Comparison etc

  • Reduce Sales Cycle : From Lead to Opportunity & Opportunity to Revenue using both Lead Based & ABM

  • Reduce Customer Touchpoints: Identify optimal conversion path search , social, phone call, direct mail, display ads, influencers etc

  • AWARENESS Stage:

  • Leverage Search , Social, Display Ads, Tradeshows, Events, Webinars

  • Organic & Paid Results through Rich keyword groups to entice and guide users making them aware of the value it provides them.

  • Trade shows, Events, Webinars , Programs & Campaigns to enhance BRAND awareness and benefit it provides to meet the needs of users


  • Leverage Company Websites, Form Fills, Blogs, Content Syndication Sites, Social Lead Gen Cards, Event / Webinars / Tradeshows Registration & Attendance, Re-targeting

  • Progressive Profiling Setup by asking minimal information at every step and leveraging innovative technology to acquire behind the scenes automatically

  • Leverage ML models to identify & enrich users attributes specially around BANT ( Budget, Authority, Need & Time ) to naturally move the Leads to Sales Team for lead acceleration

  • Leads à MQL à SAL à SQL


– Leverage ML Models for Lead score, Account Score , Drip Email Campaign for Targeting & Segmentation,,

Lead Handoff Rules , Lead Re-cycling, Survey Report, Value Calculator, Group Customer references

– Perform Lead Enrichment and based on lead’s technology adoption life cycle & journey stage, appropriate

content is shared to progressively move them forward.

– SQL Back to à MQL to entice the Leads again through Drip email campaigns as well as Re-targeting ads

– Automated Drip Email Campaigns are sent to guide & assist leads based on their attributes.

– Innovative Group Customer Reference calls are being setup to share the benefits it provides by engaging

early real customer reference calls.

  • CONVERT Stage:

  • Leverage TEAM Framework ( Target Accounts, Engaged Accounts, Activate Sales ) , Influencer Marketing ,

  • Product Comparison Calculator , Customer Testimonials, Case studies, ROI Calculator, TCO Calculator

  • Meeting à SAL à Opportunity à Demo à Negotiation à Quote à Contract à Customer

  • Full funnel contextual personalized content to progressively convert the leads.

  • Strategy & Channel Mix:

  • Content Marketing – Full Funnel

  • Website – TOFU

  • Blog – TOFU

  • Social Media – TOFU

  • SEO – TOFU

  • Email Marketing – MOFU


  • Content Syndication – TOFU & MOFU

  • Direct Mail – MOFU

  • Event Marketing – Full Funnel

  • Lead Nurturing – MOFU

  • Inside Sales - BOFU

  • The LEAD GENERATION VISION is to be PRESENT where audience is - anywhere, anytime, anyplace, any device.

  • Innovative Lead Gen Machine keeps producing highly profitable customers day in day out through optimal use of technology & providing trusted & authentic content throughout the journey …

  • More in next post !!!


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