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Driving Exponential Marketing Success & Company Growth

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NextGen Email Marketing

  • How to convince users to take the final step of conversion? How to win-back dormant/inactive users ? How to reduce sales cycle & duration ? How to re-generate interest among prospects ? What to do when our sign ups reduce drastically ? All these are answered through strategic Email Marketing.

  • SOME KEY STATS: 71% of users prefer to receive PROMOTIONAL CONTENT through Email thereby making EMAIL STRATEGY as THE MARKETING APPROACH with HIGHEST ROI

  • EMAIL MARKETING: has the potential to significantly grow business by driving more traffic, connect with customers, build long lasting relationship, accelerate sales & provide excellent service

  • SUCCESS EMAIL MANTRA: is to perform Optimal SEGMENTATION,Exemplary PERSONALIZATION, innovative AUTOMATION, visual EMAIL DESIGN, authentic USER EXPERIENCE, powerful EMAIL VENDOR, integrated PLATFORM to send trusted EMAIL at the most optimal time & day of the week which customers & users are love to receive.

  • GOALS: Mainly to Cultivate STRONG bonding & relationship with Customer which in turn helps in accomplishing other goals like Grow theBusiness, Sell Product, Retrieve Reviews & Feedback, Acquire New Customers, X-Sell & Up Sell Existing Customers & Increase Product Adoption.

  • BENEFITS: Strong 1-on-1 Customer Relationship, Highest ROI among all other Marketing Channels, East to start as quite Inexpensive & scalable, Highly Measurable to see real time Open, Clicks, Conversion, Purchases and is Complimentary to all other Marketing activities like Social, Search, Outbound methods, Direct Mail, etc

  • EMAIL TYPES: Newsletter subscription emails, Blog Post Subscriptions, Events & Webinar Promotions, eCommerce & Transactional Emails, Referral Emails, Re-Targeting Emails, Nurture Emails, Win-Back Emails, Educational , Thought Leadership & various Promotional Emails, Review & Feedback Emails

  • KEY ELEMENTS OF EMAIL MARKETING: Audience, Segmentation, Personalization , Automation , Integration, Content Distribution, Schedule & Metrics



  • Subscribe for newsletter/blogs, Web Form Submissions, Trade show signups, Bought Product, Keeping one Email List, Maintaining it’s health & keeping it clean, Maintaining Bounce Rate, Hard Bounce due to In Valid Email, Soft Bounce because of Rejection from Email providers

  • Keeping the email list healthy & maintaining it up-to-date is the MAIN reason for email strategy success.

  • Keep ONE MASTER LIST which will help to maintain Compliance

  • Re-Engage with People who have not opened emails for a longer period of time

  • Create targeted email campaigns & possibly win back their business

  • Keep an active List & don’t let it go Stale

  • Keep an eye on Bounce Email List – Hard Bounce for Invalid emails and SOFT BOUNCE for rejected by Email Provider

  • Don’t have large gaps between email campaigns

  • PERMISSIONS: Legal Compliance, Opt-In during submission, Unsubscribe ability, GDPR for providing ability to search, download & delete when needed

  • Everyone should have opted in to receive emails. When unsure, create a Email Campaign to get their approval & permissions explicitly


  • Add to Contact, Avoid Spam Filter, Trustworthy, CTA for adding to contact list

  • Whitelisting is when Customers add you to their trusted contact list so that it is delivered to Inbox & not moved to promotional folders / spam filters


  • Customers, Prospects, Industry Segment, ABM, Nurture & Win Back Groups

  • Segmentation is the strategy to create specific groups based on interest, need, demographics, buying profile and goals we want to accomplish

  • The Goal of Segmentation is to have one on one conversation with the users and to provide TOP LEVEL OF SERVICE

  • Defining the key attributes for segmenting the Customer Base like journey stage they are in, products they have purchased, technology adoption phase they are in , accounts they belong etc


  • This is the CORE as Without actual email being sent, all strategy is lost

  • Building a content calendar with what emails to create, what to include in them, whom to send, when to send etc

  • Choosing the theme of email is the important part

  • Design of your email is what makes the content really shine

  • EMAIL DESIGN & TEMPLATES: Layout à Branded theme



  • SUBJECT à AUTHENTIC & EYE CATCHING SUBJECT à This really excites users to open & take action à Offer for you, 50% off, TCO , 20% ROI in 6 months



  • Branded Logo at Top

  • Large Header to capture attention with Teaser about what they will get

  • Offer

  • CLEAR CTA button in email

  • Subject Line Researcher Tool to increase conversion with keyword or pattern that performed well.

  • Preview in Desktop , Mobile

  • Clear Objective


  • The content should be highly personalized for the audience based on his interest, need, wants, demographic, psychographic, engagement & intent


  • Drip Campaigns, Welcome & Nurture Emails, Order & Referral Emails, Integrate CRM & ECommerce


  • Features & Capabilities, Compliance Support, Reporting & Automation, Optimal Pricing, Integration


  • A/B Test, Multivariate Test, Best Time of the Day, Schedul


  • Increasing sales

  • Driving Traffic to Website

  • Overall Open Rate

  • Overall Click Rate

  • Metrics from Store # Sales , # High Performing Products , # Cart abandonment

  • List average for the various type of Campaigns that we have already sent

  • Industry average for the Email Campaign types

  • We can develop a strong relationship with our users , increase brand awareness, trust on our company brand , increase pipeline & conversion exponentially

  • With Innovation, We can develop a WIN-WIN EMAIL MARKETING STRATEGY which our users eagerly wait to receive from us on the schedule to LEARN & GROW TOGETHER !!!!

  • More in next post !!!


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