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Driving Exponential Marketing Success & Company Growth

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NextGen Domain Strategy !!!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

  • How to attract users ? How to grab user’s intent ? All these questions around User’s ACTION is closely tied to DOMAIN and helps to generate EAGERNESS & LOVE for our PRODUCTS in the heart of CUSTOMERS

  • DOMAINS just like Product Name, Brand , Tag Line should be given extensive thought right from the IDEATION STAGE to guide customers at every funnel stage from any channel.

  • Organizations SHOULD keep this as one CORE ITEM in the PRODUCT PACKAGE to make the BEST USE OF Search, Social , Display to provide CONTEXTUAL info in entire journey stage beyond GEOGRAPHIC boundaries

  • Key Success Mantra is :


  • DOMAIN to

  • CONTENT to


  • Domains play a big role in the following core areas:

  • BRANDING: Key brands owned by us & not others

  • VISIONARY: Ready for future product revolution with corresponding key domains

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: Ease of access for customer, partners, users & prospects to move them seamlessly in their journey stage

  • FINANCIAL: Significant benefit if acquired sooner than later

  • TRUST: Educational & thought leadership content for attracting & acquiring prospects naturally

  • Key Domain Categories:

  • Top Level Domains: TLDs : .com, .org,.net

  • Country Code Domains: CCTLDs : .fr, .de, .uk, .au

  • Global Top Level Domains: GTLDs : BRAND ( .anycorebrand ) , CATEGORY ( .data , .cloud, .movie, .bank)

  • Some domain areas to focus for exponential company/product growth are :

  • Acquiring Key TLDs ( for every product )

  • Acquiring KeyTLDs for every brand/tag line that company wants users to know

  • Acquiring thought leadership TLDs around AI, ML, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, RPA

  • Acquiring CATEGORY GTLDs pertaining to their area

  • Acquiring BRAND GTLDs

  • Developing Personalized domains for customers , partners to build a trusted relationship

  • Innovative Domain strategies will help in increasing relevancy , authenticity & trust in any organization to naturally guide users in the customer journey and thereby to accomplish unimaginable growth, success & strong partnership & relationship with everyone.

  • Company & Product Success undoubtedly rely to a large extent on platforms like SEARCH, DISPLAY ADS , SOCIAL to attract, nurture & convert and DOMAIN STRATEGY is CORE to it !!!

  • More in next post !!!


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