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Driving Exponential Marketing Success & Company Growth

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Marketing Core Areas !!!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

  • Digital Marketing in this TECHNOLOGY ERA plays an extremely crucial role in product/company growth & success. To maintain and expand the growth curve and keep it executing seamlessly under the HOOD Multiple Marketing dimensions play.

  • Here are the various core dimensions of MARKETING PIE.

  • PRODUCT & SOLUTIONS MARKETING:Performs extensive research of theTAM, understands the product features, roadmap and customers needs/wants to launch a new/existing product through commendable GTM approaches working closely with Product teams.

  • CREATIVE & BRAND: Content is the backbone that drives all programs to success. Creative Team puts Company’s BRAND at the core and through Content Calendar & Supply Chain of various content types to attract, nurture & convert every type of audience. They work with almost all Operations & Strategy Team to accomplish these.

  • GLOBAL CAMPAIGNS & COMMUNICATIONS : Campaigns are the life blood of product success. The Global, Regional & Country Specific Campaigns play a significant role to amalgamate everything starting from reserving trade booths, lining up speakers, reserving location, hotels, arranging meetings between prospects , customers , content & decks , swags & gifts for various types of Campaigns – Events, Online & On demand Webinars , Website & ABM Campaigns etc

  • DIGITAL MARKETING: Maintaining .com and other company websites , Martech Platforms like CMS, DMP, Web Analytics , Customer Success Programs, ROI/TCO Calculators to go a long way to Acquire prospects through Form Fills etc

  • MARKETING OPERATIONS: Maintaining the MPM & Marketing Automation Platforms for targeting & segmentation through drip campaigns and integrating with other core CRM,MDM,BI , EDW platforms to tie everything together in providing channel performance, asset performance, pipeline & revenue.

  • STRATEGIC EVENTS: Is an extremely important channel with specific sites created to share information, Registration , Attendance, Communication, Collaboration prior, during & after the event to not only champion company brand & increase awareness but also is one of the key revenue generation platform.

  • GLOBAL SALES DEVELOPMENT: Plays a critical role between Marketing & sales for Lead Nurture , Lead acceleration during the stages of MQL, SAL, SQL, Meeting , Opportunity so that Lead Handoff can happen smoothly & Lead is naturally progressed without forcing. They follow both Inbound & Outbound approaches

  • DEMAND MARKETING : They spearhead the GTM for specifically New Products and work closely with PRODUCT INNOVATION TEAM on one end and MARKETING Operations Team on the other for innovative approaches around position & message.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: They work closely with campaigns Team to leverage all the Social channels as well as Search , Display Ads & even offline media sometimes to leverage the power of personal networks in social selling initiatives.

  • INTERNATIONAL MARKETING: Now a days the entire GLOBE is within reach and this group handles all the complexities around Local Tax Laws , Rules, Understating Local Market environment , product changes needed, OEM deals, partner engagements etc to expand product reach beyond imagination.

  • PRODUCT PRICING MARKETING: Pricing is an extremely significant area defining contractual terms, licensing models, price based on user licenses or usage , demo environments, POCs , Referral , Discounts , Value Based Selling are handled for specific Geographic location working closely with LEGAL,GOVERNANCE, COMPETITIVE POSITIONING TEAM

  • TALENT& PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: They make sure we have the right resources, budget & vendor to be able to accomplish all the above.

  • X-FUNCTIONAL TEAMS:All the above Marketing teams works closely not only amongst themselves but also with all other teams like Product, sales, service. IT. Finance, Legal, HR to provide exceptional customer experience enhancing revenue, CSAT & NPS etc

  • More in next post !!!


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