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DotCom Revenue Growth Platform

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

  • How to Learn, How to Buy, How to build , How to Fix , How to Start à All these are done through .COM à To assist prospects, customers , users in their journey

  • Websites, Mobile Websites & Responsive Sites are created to naturally attract, acquire, convert & assist in customer journey & sales cycle.

  • The SUCCESS MANTRA is to provide an OMNI CHANNEL experience with HIGHLY CONTEXTUAL CONTENT to users at every touchpoint in their journey stages

  • MORE THAN 60% content on websites is un usable or irrelevant to audiences increasing bounce rate

  • SUCCESS DEPENDS ON building an ECOSYSTEM of web properties in an innovative & unified way leveraging all platforms seamlessly.

  • Key web properties to focus are :

  • .COM,

  • STORE,









  • integrated with Brand , UX, rich content

  • Key Platforms to leverage are:

  • CMS,

  • Search,

  • Translation,

  • Analytics,

  • Personalization,

  • Prediction,

  • RPA,

  • ML,

  • AI ,

  • CDN,

  • Domains,

  • Social ,

  • Tag Management,

  • DSP etc

  • CMS: is at the CORE providing various capabilities around building , managing & deploying various web properties . It comprises of Page creation, Multi site Management, Digital Asset Management, Workflows, Translation , Site Map, Brand compliance, Tag Management, Versioning, Legal & Compliance Agreement etc

  • Site Content Structure : is driven by product taxonomy to seamless navigate & find product, solutions, services etc for each web property in a unified way

  • Asset Structure : drives the creation, consumption & distribution of digital assets like pdf, videos, infographics, analyst reports etc to provide the right tags , various renditions and web optimized versions with right meta tags to not only distribute but also identify content effectives & ROI.

  • Templates drives UX across sites to increase authenticity, trust & confidence. Various templates like Home Page, Product Page, Service Page, DemoNow Page, Generic Page, Blog Page, Comparison Page etc Templates are created.

  • Components are reusable units to perform certain functionality to present personalized content on websites. Carousel Component, Image Component, Rich Text Component, Demand Gen Component, Contact Us Component, DemoNow Component , Global Header, Footer, Navigation, Pricing, Comparison Components

  • DAM(DigitalAssetManagement) is used for managing digital assets used across the enterprise

  • Workflows provides processes to automate specific tasks like Review Workflow,Translation Workflow,Publish Workflow, FallBack Workflow , Rollout Processes, DAM Asset Upload / Download Workflow etc to assist in managing website content

  • CDN, Page & Asset Meta Tagging, URL Shorteners, Search,, Video Plugins, Live streaming, Fallback handling, Content Search, Parallel Authoring etc goes a long way

  • More in next post !!!


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