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Content Marketing Success !!!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

  • For every company, product, marketing, sales or service program success, THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT is to create EXTREMELY VALUABLE, AUTHENTIC, INTERESTING, CREATIVE, PERSONALIZED & HIGHLY RELEVANT content for different personas to consume in their journey stage

  • CONTENT MARKETING is the vision, strategy, execution of RESEARCHING, CREATING, ACCESSING, DISTRIBUTING, PERSONALIZING valuable content to ATTRACT, acquire, CONVERT, nurture, EDUCATE, assist, GUIDE different personas with goal of PROFITABLE OUTCOME for company & customer

  • The Success Mantra is Primarily Thought Leadership & Educational Content instead of Promotional

  • Content first & foremost has to be authentic & trustworthy and always move the prospect naturally through the journey stages

  • Adequate RESEARCH is a MUST to identify the Customer’s needs/wants/pain points/vision/technology to build rich CONTENT SUPPLY CHAIN

  • Content Creation should not only create different types of content formats and device in mind but also embed journey stage, product life cycle stage, technology adoption life cycle stage, persona, industry segment, brand position, product preference to accurately deliver content

  • Content Accessibility, Storage and a rich REPOSITORY MUST beput in place to provide ability to both content & program team to deliver to right persona along with high highly contextual information which users can’t wait to consume.

  • Content Distribution is a vast, extremely significant area for getting unimaginable SUCCESS for product adoption & to take Search, Social, Display Ads, Email, Direct Mail, Events, Tradeshows, Webinars, Influencers to an altogether NICHE LEVEL and SKY is the limit for the company success .

  • Content Personalization & Recommendation platform when injected with ML models and rich big data sets can AWE the users with enormous actionable content to shorten the buying & selling journey.

  • Content Metrics when done right provides targeted value metrics around content usage, pipeline, revenue, ACV, NNACV generated per product line, content asset, program to guide the leadership, C-Suite & Board.

  • Content Marketing when done right EXPONENTIALLY increases BRAND VALUE, CUSTOMER LOYALTY, CSAT, PIPELINE & REVENUE !!!

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