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NextGen Marketing Culture !!!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

  • Building BRAND ADVOCATES and EMPLOYEE CHAMPIONS is at the core of the NextGen MARKETING CULTURE that caters to the dynamic need of the B2B/B2C Customer journey of all generations - be it Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y or Gen Z.

  • FOUNDATION should be To identify KOLs ( KEY OPINION LEADERS ) from every Dept to work HAND IN HAND with Marketing Leaders to EDUCATE, GUIDE, ASSIST, TRAIN each & every employee thereby building the ARMY OF COMPANY & PRODUCT BRAND ADVOCATES

  • Buying Process has completely transformed with approximately 70% of the decision is done by customers themselves outside the direct sales cycle through SOCIAL SELLING thereby THIS NEXTGEN MARKETING CULTURE becoming essential for product success.

  • This Transformational MARKETING ENGINE starts with PEOPLE FIRST CUSTOMER FOCUSSED APPROACH to build a robust internal army of TRUSTED employees TO DYNAMICALLY serve the CUSTOMERS & PROSPECTS in an highly innovative EMOTIONAL INWARD-OUT way

  • More than 90% of Employees are in Social Platform - EMPLOYEES CHAMPIONING FOR PRODUCT & COMPANY is much more effective than Company messaging about it’s products.

  • MARKETING TEAM generally ranges from 5% - 15% of FTE in an Organization & JUST imagine this REVAMPED Culture with THE NETWORK EFFECT OF all 100% EMPLOYEES can do to the Company & Product Success

  • This NextGen MARKETING BUYING, SELLING & SERVICE ENGINE starts right from the HIRING STEP , ON BOARDING STEP , ON THE SHIP & to the SHORE that MUST INCLUDE KEY ARTIFACTS working closely with HR and other departments

  • Some Key areas to ignite the thought are : CONSTANT AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION - Companywide, Small Groups to KOLs, Peer to Peer Seamlessly :: ACCESSIBLE RICH INFORMATION REPOSITORY to share content internally & externally :: ADVOCACY PLATFORM for innovative real time feedback Loop, Building KOLs, :: RICH REWARD & RECOGNITION SYSTEM to keep everyone motivated with high energy :: ACCESSIBLE REAL TIME METRICS to all, CELEBRATING WINS TOGETHER with everyone BEYOND Marketing Team

  • This innovative Marketing Culture will go a long way to EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE THE ROI for all the Marketing and even Other Department Programs and THEREBY resulting in INCREASED PIPELINE & REVENUE, SALES GROWTH, CSAT, NPS - HAPPY CUSTOMERS & EMPLOYEES !!!

  • More in next post !!!


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